Saturday, January 3, 2015

Astragalus: Cancer Preventive?:

In the latest issue of Science, January 2, 2015  Vol. 347 no. 6217 pp. 78-81 DOI: 10.1126/science. 1260825, conclusive research proves that some tissue types produce cancerous cells many millions of times more than other tissue types. And although this fact has been noted and recognized for more than a century.....this abnormality has never been explained. In this paper it is shown that the lifetime risk of many types of cancer is strongly correlated with the total number of divisions of the normally self-regenerating cells that maintain internal stability. The results of this research suggest than only one third of all cancers are caused by environmental factors or inherited DNA predispositions. It was found that the majority of cancers are attributed to none other than "Bad Luck". And it was found that the problem, "Bad Luck", lies in the random mutations arising during DNA replication of the noncancerous cells. This new study brings new thoughts as to the strategies to limit mortality from deadly cancer cells. 

Now this brings me to my theory, and please note that I am only an 'arm chair' physician and researcher. But with this new study in hand it is apparent that the conventional cancer treatments are inadequate as they are based on fiction not fact. From this report it is further apparent that any treatment of cancer should be provided prior to diagnoses of the disease rather than post diagnoses. And this brings me to my personal research. My research points to the ability of  Astragalus, a plant native to China, and used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to realign the DNA of cells much like a computer is defragged. It has been my thought for years that this 'misalignment' of the cells DNA, over time, causes not only cancers, but other abnormalities to good health. 

There are over 2,000 species of Astragalus, two of which are Astragalus membranaceus and Astragalus mongholicus. These are the current ones used for human health purposes. The Chinese use Astragalus in combination with other herbs to boost the immune system. It is currently used in Chinese medicine as 'therapy' for cancer, and heart disease. And it is for this reason that I focused upon this natural herb. My limited research points to the fact that Astragalus can realign the aged human DNA, thus preventing the formation of the mutated cancer cells. Of course conventional American medicine shuns this theory and study as being a natural herb, Astragalus, can not 'win' a patent from the U. S. government. And thus is nearly worthless as a 'money maker' for a large pharmaceutical company. So it seems that the only detailed study of this miracle herb will linger in folk lore rather than be investigated as a help to the welfare of humankind.
Lord Howard Hurts

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