Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Truth and Nothing Except the Truth

The FBI's recent declaration that the 'hack' of Sony was done by North Korea is proof that this once stellar investigative bureau is living off the past fame of the "Untouchables and Elliot Ness". My sources in Andorra say that this 'hack' is the work of Russia, and that it is clearly the personal work of President Putin. There is no doubt that the language of the 'hackers' is drama fit for a prime time soap opera. President Putin, by this hack, has given some 'hard hits' on the popularity of President B.H. Obama ll. To say that President Putin despises Obama is to  'sugar coat' the subject. 

To help Kim Jong-un overcome the nonsense from the FBI inquiry and investigation, President Putin has agreed to join North Korea in a defense pact. All this should bring a GOP outcry that would topple the Obama Administration overnight, but unfortunately, there is not a dimes worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. They both are totally corrupted by personal financial matters. America, the last bastion of Freedom and Liberty is gone. President Putin has said publicly that once the U.S. 'caves' on its Cuban policy.....the end is very near. And he dislikes Obama so much that he wants the collapse to happen under the 'closet homosexual's' watch.
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