Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time For A Christian Revolution

Patriots of America. If you believe that the Constitution and ethical government can be restored in 2014 and 2016 by electing RHINO's just scan the statistics, and you will see the folly of campaigning for, or wasting your time voting for, persons who are honest, and would work to restore the Constitution as the "Law of the Land'. America has been corrupted and the only way to get it on track is for a Revolution to begin. But unfortunately, the Patriots of America are not only afraid to declare themselves Christians, they are afraid to speak out against the current lawless Obama Administration. It is time for Christians to stop worrying about being called Racist. It is time for Christians to band  together, and start a Revolution against these non believers, and corrupt individuals, that currently are leading this once great nation into a Socialist Welfare Hell.

In the fourth quarter of 2008, at the time B.H. Obama Jr. was elected President there were 96 million Americans living in households receiving benefits from one or more Federal welfare programs. By the fourth quarter of 2012, just 4 years after electing B.H. Obama Jr. as President, 13.5 million more households were receiving Federal welfare. And just to give you some idea of the number of Americans who now can not pay for their own food or housing read these numbers, and be assured that there is no way to elect political leaders, regardless of being Democrat or Republican, who are not CORRUPT: 51.5 million Americans on "Food Stamps". 22.5 million single women receiving welfare for their bad behavior by way of the Women, Infants and Children program. 20.5 million are given tax dollars from Supplemental Security Income. 13.2 million are living in taxpayer funded public housing or have some type of Federal housing subsidy. And finally 5.5 million Americans are given Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. These numbers tell it all. There is no way with our current election system that good Americans can be elected. There are just too many 'Slugs' holding out their hands, and looking for more Free Stuff. One man one vote is rule by the mob, and this state of affairs has come about because of the corrupt and socialist education system. Please remember that almost all universities and colleges are run by Socialist. And that the only way to receive a degree from one of these schools of  'higher learning' is to parrot the socialist line. America today, even with all the taxpayer money spend on education, has the highest number of misfits and morons on planet Earth. Cowards get what they deserve, and Christians will find that God only helps those who help themselves. This planet called Earth is ruled by those who survive, and only the strongest survive. The weak perish and become footnotes in the 'Big Book of History'. It is time for Patriots and Christians of this great Republic to stand up and be counted.
Lord Howard Hurts

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