Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Constitution Is Dead!

When will the American public start laughing at Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton about her interview with Fusion TV's Jorge Ramos? During this interview the 'crazy as a bed bug' Hillary made it known that the Washington, D.C. professional football teams continued use of its Logo name, "Redskins", is "insensitive" to Native Americans. Well, Wake Up, Hillary! The U.S. Federal  Government has helicopters named after Native Americans. The Apache helicopter is a killing machine; then there are people killing missiles named Tomahawk; How about the Chinook helicopters, Cheyenne helicopters, and Black Hawk helicopters? And get ready.......wait......wait........a drum roll please....... the cryptic message, "Geronimo-E KIA" was the code sent to Hillary and those other stooges, President B.H. Obama Jr., Vice President Biden,  in the Situation Room after the killing of Osama bin Laden by the Delta force. Does the confused Ms. Clinton not know that Geronimo was the chief of a Native American tribe. Insensitive? Wake Up, America! Our current leaders are MORONS, and they have an agenda that is against not only Patriotic Americans, but against the very Constitution that defines this great Republic. It is time for a Revolution to oust these Traitors and Corrupt Thugs from the Federal Government. It is "Do or Die" time. 

Currently over 50% of all American citizens are receiving some form of payment from the Federal Government, each and every month. How in the 'Holy Hell' do the Patriots of this great nation think that they can outvote the 'Slugs' that are sucking the working taxpayer dry? REVOLUTION is the only way to stop these Thugs.
Lord Howard Hurts

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