Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SOTU Address: Reality

If you want proof that B.H. Obama ll is an arrogant individual, and a complete Fraud, you need only review his SOTU Address last night, and focus on this fact: President Obama introduced Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg, an 'Afghanistan Wounded Warrior', as an example of our dedicated military men and women....... men and women who keep this nation Safe and Free. President Obama and the Congress applauded and pretended that they were appreciative of this man's personal sacrifice. Yet not more than a month, or so ago, this same President, and this same Congress, passed a budget bill that cut the pensions of military veterans like Sergeant Remsburg. If this one example doesn't show you what evil lurks in the mind of this "Usurper" then this nation will get what it rightly deserves. If on the other hand you want to show your distaste for this Fraud of a in Washington, D.C. for the Rally of Survival: "Operation American Spring", May 16, 2014, and 'petition' that this "Usurper" resign. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

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