Saturday, January 11, 2014

Operation American Spring

It is most unfortunate that many Patriots of America foster the mistaken idea that a return to a Republican dominated Congress, and White House, will restore the 'Lost Moral Compass', and 'Economic Strength', that this Marxist, Obama Administration has buried in 'Rule by Mass Human Want' rather than 'Rule by Constitutional Law' that our Forefathers have given us. Wake Up America! We are clearly being led by a President who is illogical in his thinking, and who is clearly suffering from some type of definable mental illness. 

Can America afford to wait until 2016 to throw this Fraud, B.H. Obama, out? I contend that we can not. When 50 million Americans are beholding to the Federal Government for their daily 'food', it can be concluded that these persons will only vote for someone who will give them more 'Free Stuff'. American can no longer be divided by those who work and pay taxes, and those that just want 'Free Stuff'. And America can no longer be divided by those who refer to themselves as hyphenated Americans. It is 'Love It Or Leave It' time. 

Conservative Americans are SUCKERS and want to be polite, and act like Bill O'Reilly, that great Semi FRAUD of a Conservative on Fox News. He demands that we act respectful to our President, B.H. Obama ll........all the while this President is ruling Our nation by Selective Enforcement of the laws. It time to unmask this FRAUD of a President and remove him from office before it is too late to save this Great Republic. It is time for the Patriots of this nation to 'Stand Up!' and removed from office not only this FRAUD of a President, but the corrupt Congress and the mindless Supreme Court. And further.......Our military has the duty to defend the Constitution from all enemy's domestic and foreign, and because this FRAUD of a President, B.H. Obama ll, has placed compromised, and willing dolt's in charge of the U.S. Military, it is time for the 'Maverick's in the American military to 'Wise Up' and take charge. 

There is going to be a rally in Washington, D.C. on May 16, 2014. It will be led by former military officers (Paul E. Vallely, Major General retired), and this rally is called: "Operation American Spring". Patriots. Be there and demand that this FRAUD of a President resign (remember that B.H. Obama ll thought that 10,000 protesters in Egypt were enough to oust their elected President). Be there and be strong. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

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