Sunday, July 30, 2017

America is lost. There is currently a fight going on between Democrats and Republicans. And because most Americans are lazy and let others do their thinking.......they proudly call themselves Independents, and fight all reality having to do with political and economic issues. They believe that everything will be alright because there is no fighting when everyone is a "middle of the roader". So things move on and
what we apparently need is more do nothing Independents to run this once great country. When in doubt vote Democrat because the Republicans only make the poor 'poorer' and the rich.......'richer'. What an intelligent theory. America is lost and you can blame it on the distorted idea of "fair play". Reality stares us in the face each waking day, and we lean towards the mistaken concept that America is not a God fearing country founded by God fearing Europeans who had created, over hundreds of years of trial and error, a civilization that stood head and foot above any previous known civilization. And from this America was forged and founded. But there was a huge flaw  in this new nation that was unseen by these God fearing upstarts. In the quest for a more perfect nation the concept of slavery was overlooked. Black Africans were allowed into the new nation by government decree to work to improve the economic situation while even knowing that slavery is against God's will. To take these strangers from Africa who had no written language, no concept of God or his plan for America, or any history of civilization building into this nation as potential citizens was folly at its greatest point. Then came the American Civil War and the nonsense continued. These unprepared Africans were soon unleashed on  America, and thus began the slow decline. It was not long before those in the "Ivory Towers" of academia took up the cause to make Black Africans equal to White European Americans through legislation, and not education. Then came the so called Civil Rights laws. Laws where Black Americans are more equal than White Americans by virtue of past treatments. And today the Black African Americans still have no concept of God and family. They live to destroy rather than build because they were never educated by the "do gooder" elite educational types that today call themselves Democrats. And it is too late to send them back to Africa, and they are too confused to see that they must, like the native American Indians get their own land and nation from those same "do gooders" that have sentenced them to complete failure. And this is why the Second Great Civil War is coming. It will happen very soon. And it will end in the complete destruction of America. There will be no atomic bombs dropped. There will only be the complete internal destruction of the worlds most advanced civilization by those seeking equality by legislation rather than reality.  

Lord Howard Hurts

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