Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Beyond Detestable

Christian American Patriots. The end is near. Many of you don't want to face this glaring fact of life. America has been sold out through greed. It is not an issue of Republican or Democrat. It is the age old issue of Power and Greed. There is no candidate currently running for President in November worth wasting your time to vote for. Our only savior is our military, and it is so corrupted with Leadership Cowards that there is little hope that it would survive an attack by a band of Romanian Gypsy Albino Dwarfs. I understand that most of you would rather die by
thousands of small cuts rather than face one brave action of Patriotism. This of course is human nature. But if you would please take the time to read this article from the NY Times, maybe you will understand how this once great nation got into the situation we now find ourselves. How someone as dumb as Hillary Clinton could captivate a nation when she is a Traitor to not only the United States Constitution, but to the entire citizenry of America. This woman, who will go down in history as more deranged than "Lady Macbeth", has one motivation in life: Personal Gratification. She is beyond detestable. Please read this linked article, and Do What You Can To Stop This Traitor. Lord Howard Hurts

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